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Pap Screen project

CASA Forum and Pap Screen Victoria have developed a joint initiative to support victim/survivors of sexual assault to access cervical screening.
Anecdotally CASAs are aware that victim/survivors of sexual assault either don't screen or under screen due to the difficulties many women experience when accessing intrusive medical procedures. A CASA House 2002 study of 15 women affirmed this.
In partnership with CASAs, Pap Screen Victoria are:

  • Developing a screening checklist to assist CASA counsellors in discussing screening with their clients
  • Providing cervical screening information kits to each regional centre
  • Providing education to CASA managers state wide through the CASA monthly forum and for seniors to enable the training to be passed on to counsellor/advocates
  • Facilitating participation of Nurse Pap Test Providers in sexual assault workshops run by regional CASAs
  • Identifying Nurse Pap Test Providers in CASA locations to provide support and referral
  • Adding a page on PSV website about sexual assault with links to CASA website.

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Workforce Development Project

The Sexual Assault Workforce Development Project was established in July 2007 to provide training for the sexual assault field in Victoria. The project is led by SECASA with Sarah McGregor as the Coordinator.

Twenty-six days of training are provided a year on a range of topics including Working With Aboriginal Clients, Engaging in Cyber Space, Art and Creative Therapies and Appearing As A Witness and Court Reports. The funding was made recurrent by the Minister for Human Services Mary Wooldridge in November 2011.

Making Rights Reality

Making Rights Reality is a program to increase access to the justice system for people who have been sexually assaulted and have a cognitive impairment and/or communication difficulties. The program will enhance existing services to provide greater accessibility. The program is a two year pilot service in the Southern Metropolitan Region. The project has been funded by the William Buckland Foundation, the Reichstein Foundation, Portland House Foundation, Victorian Women’s Trust, Australian Communities Foundation, the Victorian Government and other private donors. The project was launched on 24 February 2012.

Graduate Certificate in Community Services Practice in Client Assessment and Case Management

CASA Forum and RMIT have combined to offer the sexual assault field a Graduate Certificate in Community Services Practice in Client Assessment and Case Management. It will be conducted over two years part-time and will include specialist workshops provided by RMIT and incorporate professional practice programs conducted by the Statewide Workforce Development Program. 

The Graduate Certificate will recognise the existing skills of workers as well as further develop skills in direct practice with clients. In addition it will engage participants in a practical community education project that will be negotiated with managers to promote awareness of sexual assault prevention and support. Participants will develop skills in program design, consultation, management and evaluation in addition to academic and community based research skills. Reflection on professional practice is a key part of this program.

 For further information please contact:

Sheryl Musgrove
South Eastern Centre against Sexual Assault

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