Workshops for Professionals About Sexual Assault

The Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault provide community and professional training for those interested in gaining skills and insight into working with victim/survivors of sexual assault. People who attend our workshops come from health and welfare, counselling and medical fields. Some workshops are also suitable for students.

Areas covered can include:

  • providing an enhanced understanding of sexual assault
  • the role of CASA in supporting victim/survivors
  • sexual assault and the legal system
  • structural and social conditions that predispose communities to sexual assault and other violent crimes
  • strategies for the prevention of sexual assault
  • an examination of the nature and consequences of sexual assault and key issues relevant to providing an effective response
  • information about referral options and professional support
  • forming a foundation for working with clients who have been sexually assaulted
  • building blocks to safe sexual assault counselling
  • consideration of the theoretical framework of the rights/advocacy model of responding to victim/surviors of sexual assault
  • skills and strategies for responding to people in crisis because of sexual assault
  • examination of vicarious trauma for workers.

If your organisation would like training contact your nearest CASA.

There are no events currently advertised.

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